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What Career is Right for Me? Our 21st Century Career Exploration tools!

Pathway Planner - 21st Century Career Exploration

Our Career Coaching Pathway Planner takes about 60-minutes to complete online.  It measures your 20 career core competencies and compares them to over 800 careers in the Department of Labor's Occupational Network (O*NET).  Virtually every high school and college still only measure the 6 Occupational Interests which make up only  20% of career match.

The Pathway Planner Generates Three Reports

1. The Academic Scholar measures you against over 400 careers that require a Bachelor's Degree. It lists your top 5 matches in all 16 Department of Education's Career Clusters.

 2. The Academic Coach compares you to over 400 occupations that require an Associate Degree or less.  Again, your top 5 matches are listed.

 3. The Individual Report reveals all your top matches in your choice of 3 of the 16 Career Clusters.

Performance Indicator - For Guidance & Mentoring

The Performance Indicator is a powerful guidance and mentoring tool that takes about 20 minutes to complete online. It measures 9 behavioral tendencies and generates a Personal Report and a Management Report that provides invaluable information for your parents and career counselors.